Patient Advocacy At Crown Care

From the perspective of patient advocates, medical care too often boils down to a one-way street of a doctor just telling a patient what his or her treatment will consist of, rather than a conversation between two parties.

That’s why organizations like Kailua’s Crown Care LLC exist: to give individuals a more active role in their own healthcare.

“Our mission is to guide our patients through the complex and constantly changing healthcare system,” stated president Eileen Hilton of the just-launched business.

Patient advocates have medical backgrounds and serve as intermediaries between patients and doctors, making sure that patients know procedures and options, translating jargon into understandable terms, helping to choose physicians and make appointments, and understanding medical bills and insurance.

Crown Care works primarily with senior citizens on Medicare and Social Security benefits, but now is expanding services to cover individuals and families of all ages with a range of medical needs.

Dr. Hilton is board-certified in infectious diseases and internal medicine, with 36 years of clinical experience. She is joined by Kaneohe resident Edwina Lee, a longtime nurse and vice president of operations; and Kailua’s Linda O’Grady as vice president of marketing.

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