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Parents Pay Price For Procrastination

Kaimana and Hana get ready for Halloween TANNYA JOAQUIN PHOTO

Kaimana and Hana get ready for Halloween TANNYA JOAQUIN PHOTO

I speak from experience, and I’m sure other parents who have learned this lesson the hard way will agree. You know the saying time is money? Well, add in the price of paradise and expedited shipping charges to Hawaii.

If the anxiety doesn’t get you, the sticker shock will. Yes, I’ve paid a small fortune to rush items for my children on holidays or special occasions. In most cases, I paid more for shipping than I did to purchase the product.

Hmm, what’s wrong with this picture?

I vowed to break this bad habit this Halloween. Last year, I ordered their superhero costumes in advance (for me, that means early enough to ensure it will arrive on time without expedited shipping).

The year before that, I had problems finding the specific firefighter costume my son wanted in his size. It had the same overalls and jackets as HFD.

Luckily, I found one and received it in time for trick-or -treating.

Back to this Halloween, I couldn’t afford to wait. Like every little girl in the world, my daughter Hana had her heart set on being Queen Elsa from Frozen.

I’ve got this, I thought confidently as I started looking in August. There it was, the perfect costume. Disney’s Frozen Elsa Light-up Musical Dress on the QVC website. My fingers went into warp speed to place it in my cart and check out.

Then came the prompt. Back ordered until October. To borrow Princess Anna’s words, “Wait, what?!”

I keep reading. OK, Oct. 5. It will get here in time. Phew.

I may have done a little victory dance when the package arrived Oct. 10. My daughter couldn’t wait to put it on and play Let it Go with the push of a button. On repeat.

But Hana’s costume is only half of the equation. It’s so amazing, I worried my son would not be satisfied with something basic. As in no blinking lights or musical accompaniment.

Kaimana started telling me he wanted to be Captain America after last Halloween, but I figured he may change his mind. Availability wasn’t an issue. However, Kai has had a growth spurt since his sixth birthday so I wasn’t confident on size. I needed him to physically try on his costume.

We headed over to Party City a few weeks ago, but the costumes came in size 4/6 or 8/10. The 4/6 was too small and the 8/10 was too big.

You’ve got to be kidding me. Now what do I do? I point to other costumes in desperation. How about Indiana Jones or what about a Minion?

Nope, it’s Captain America or bust for my son.

I find a sparkly shield for my superhero, so we buy that and I head back online to look for Captain America T-shirts and capes. I can’t help wondering if a T-shirt and shield will do when his sister has a singing, light-up gown!

By the way, if you want that QVC costume in time for Halloween now, you’ll need Elsa’s magical powers. The site says it will ship 12/10. Perfect. If you’re shopping for Christmas.