Outstanding Staff At Kaimuki Library

Dear Pamela,

Kaimuki Library is no ka ‘oi! The staff, under the leadership of Maile Davis, needs to be recognized. Not only has librarian Roberta Schmitz helped me a great deal, Randy Sotsuda immediately called 911 when I suddenly became ill at the library. Guard Gary Copeland assisted with the fire and ambulance. Other staff members, like Leona and Alyssa, also were most helpful.

Yvonne Perry

Dear Yvonne,

“We are not surprised that the Kaimuki Public Library staff went above and beyond the call to assist this woman patron who fell ill during her library visit,” says Paul H. Mark, Hawaii State Public Library System public information officer. “Branch manager Maile Davis and her staff are not only outstanding professionals, but also care for the health and well-being of their patrons.”

Dear Pamela,

I broke my leg and spent three weeks at Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific. While everyone was very professional, kind and attentive to my every need, my physical therapist Kehau Denton was so patient. Therapy was hard and painful, but she never gave up on me, although many times I wanted to quit. She gave me hope and confidence, and because of her I gained physical strength I never thought I would achieve. I can move safely around my home and have much-needed upper-body strength to maneuver in and out of bed. I feel confident and comfortable with my wheelchair. I am eternally grateful for Kehau and will always remember her genuine smile, encouragement, empathy and laughter.

It’s not easy being a physical therapist. It takes a special person to do such a difficult job. I give APPLAUSE to all the hard-working therapists. To Kehau Denton, my deepest heartfelt thank you.

Carol Kita

Dear Carol,

Kehau Denton, who’s been at REHAB for a year, loves her job.

“People take for granted the skills they need for mobility,” she says. “Carol wasn’t allowed to bear any weight on her right leg. Just placing the toe down was difficult for her and might have compromised her fracture. She had to learn to use her arms for strength. It’s hard being in a situation where you’re in pain and you don’t have any control. I do this because I enjoy helping people get better. I know how important it is to be in the comfort of your home.”

Aloha Pamela,

I’d like to extend a big mahalo to Katie Shiroma for stopping to help me when I fell during my morning walk near Palolo Chinese Home. She was leaving the driveway after visiting a friend there when she saw me stub my sneaker on the sidewalk. I went down like a ton of bricks, probably because my balance is not too good to begin with. Katie immediately got out of her car and asked if I was OK. I was all right, except for scrapes on my hands when I tried to brace myself for the fall. Katie gave me some Handi Wipes and drove me home. I never thought I would receive such kindness from a stranger. I offered a monetary thank you for the inconvenience, but she refused. My deepest appreciation, Katie, for your thoughtfulness.

Roberta Ferreira

Dear Roberta,

“My mother is about her same age,” says Katie Shiroma, “so when I saw her fall, my first thought was to help her, as I hope someone would help my mom if she fell.

“She was so apologetic for taking me out of my way, but really, it was my pleasure.”

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