One Quick Phone Call Can Save A Life

Dear Pamela,

One day last week, a Good Samaritan found me slumped over my steering wheel, engine running, parked in a stall near American Savings Bank in Pearl City Shopping Center. This person called 911, and I was transported to Pali Momi emergency. The temperature was in the 90s, and I had finished a day of golf and miraculously drove to the shopping center. I have no recollection of going there. The ER doctor told me I was dehydrated and had passed out. I am fine now and drinking lots of water. I’d like to thank the kind person who noticed my condition and called 911. You were a lifesaver!

Walter Nakasone
Pearl City

Dear Walter,

We contacted EMS, which does not release the names of bystanders but joins you in your gratitude.

“We would like to send a huge thank you to the bystander who took notice of Mr. Nakasone and then made the initiative to contact authorities, who called 911,” says EMS communications specialist Shayne Enright. “This Good Samaritan helped get Mr. Nakasone the emergency medical care he needed, potentially saving his life.”

Dear Pamela,

Today at Waimalu Subway, I saw a female postal worker give a sandwich to two different homeless men. She also gave one man some cash. She is definitely worthy of APPLAUSE.

Charlotte Fukumoto

Dear Charlotte,

“It’s no surprise to me that this postal employee demonstrated a giving spirit to people in need,” says USPS communications specialist Duke Gonzales. “Our employees — and especially our mail carriers — very much consider themselves as active members of the communities in which they serve. They understand that a community derives its strength from the caring and concern that residents display toward one another. We’re proud to give back to our communities through individual efforts such as this, as well as through coordinated group efforts such as the annual USPS/National Association of Letter Carriers Food Drive.”

Dear Pamela,

I wanted to give applause to the folks at Exit Realty, in particular Keoki, for having rescued me not once but twice on separate holidays!

As a regular visitor from Canada, last visit I lost my keys in heavy surf and had no way to connect to my renter/owner for many hours, yet only in my bathing suit. As I sat near Exit Realty on the street, waiting for the owner, shivering, they fed me and helped me use the phone/computer to make a faster connection.

This visit I was hit by a car while biking and my key fob was crushed! They helped me once again until I was able to replace it (again, after about eight hours of waiting).

The office staff is fantastic!

Scott Wallace
Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Dear Scott,

Keoki Osorio of Exit Realty remembers you from your frequent visits. “Our office is on the ground floor of where Scott usually stays in Kuhio Village. We get a lot of foreigners here and I always try to help when I can, especially since I speak several languages,” he says. “It’s part of the aloha spirit to welcome our visitors and help them when they’re in a jam.”

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