OHA Funds Waimanalo Health Center

Serving Native Hawaiians with chronic health problems has just gotten a little bit easier since Waimanalo Health Center won a $200,000 grant from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

A recent announcement from the health center indi- cates the one-year award will pay for additional staff “to manage the care of the most complex patients, including those suffering from diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.” It also will help integrate the WHC gardening and nutrition education programs.

“We are grateful for OHA’s continued support of our efforts and belief in our mission,” said CEO Mary Oneha.

Established in 1992, Waimanalo Health Center offers primary and preventive health services to medically undeserved populations, especially Hawaiians. Among the services are health screenings, physical exams, immunizations, acute care and chronic disease management, as well as attention to women and children’s health. The center marks its 20th anniversary Aug. 25.

For more information, call 259-7948.