Ocean Engineering Firm Awarded Patents

A Waimanalo-based company has earned approval for three of its patent applications that can improve underwater construction projects related to renewable energy.

Makai Ocean Engineering received the good news this fall, and vice president Billy Pieper was understandably proud.

“We’re excited about the development of these technologies by our hard-working team, which led to these three patents,” said Pieper, whose company works off of Makai Pier. “And we’re especially excited because this was achieved right here in Hawaii.

“Our goal continues to be to help the state become a global leader in ocean engineering, development and technology.”

The patents are for its Autonomous Underwater Array Burial System (related to the protection of submarine cables), Mist Lift (related to energy extraction) and Flange Protection System (related to reducing strain on polyethylene pipes in deep water).

“We want to attract investment that will not only further our research and development,” he added, “but help to position Hawaii as the world leader when it comes to solving challenges or problems in the ocean.”

Makai Ocean Engineering was established here in 1973 and has a diverse international clientele.