Nothing Strange About Helping Others

Dear Pamela,

As I got on the escalator at Ala Moana Pacific Center, I took hold of the handrail and did not realize it was not moving. This caused me to lose my balance and fall backward, and I could not get up. Two good Samaritans came to my rescue. They lifted me up and held me all the way to the top of the escalator. In my state of shock, I did not get their names. But I want your readers to know there are some good people who respond to those in need. I don’t know what would have happened to me if they had not come to my aid.

Vernita Turpin

Dear Pamela,

I was driving in to work when it finally occurred to me that a motorcycle driver in front of my car was pointing out where the potholes were in the lane. While driving the motorcycle, this person used his/her left leg to point out all of the potholes that I should avoid between Bishop Museum and the Vineyard exit. That driver had a good leg workout.

The kindness this driver shared was such a delightful surprise that I wanted to let the person know that I got a kick out of you!

Norma Nakakura

Dear Pamela,

I went to Foodland-Beretania to purchase balloons for my grandnephew’s birthday party. After the party, I discovered I didn’t have my wallet! I was frantic and panicky. I backtracked my steps that evening, called Foodland and, thankfully, it was there! Someone had found my wallet and turned it in. So many scenarios went through my mind: having to call my credit card companies, filing a police report about my missing wallet and on and on. But a good Samaritan saved me those heartaches. To this anonymous person, my heartfelt gratitude and mahalo!

Fay Sugahara

Dear Pamela,

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Ryan from Waimanalo, who helped fix my flat while going home on Pali Highway. He initially flagged me that I had a flat, after which I pulled over into Nuuanu Valley. I called my husband and flashed my emergency lights, but no cars stopped. Suddenly, a truck pulls alongside and it’s the same guy who waved me down! He had turned around somewhere to come back to help me! He fixed my tire in no time and refused a small monetary gift, saying, “No thank you, just have a nice weekend.” Thanks to Ryan, I did. May someone do for him what he did for me.

Lynn Ching

Dear Pamela,

During a United flight to Phoenix, our father experienced a medical emergency. There was an EMT responder, an air marshal and several UA flight attendants who helped both our parents. And thanks to the best heart doctors in L.A., he recovered. I thank the Lord for every person who consoled our parents when we couldn’t. “Daddy-O” is walking one to two miles a day, and Mom is being the best mom ever!

Leilani Taylor-Paiva Leeward

Dear Leilani, Lynn, Fay, Norma and Vernita,

You and your loved ones are blessed to have been visited by angels who put their personal interests aside to tend to the welfare of perfect strangers.

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