North Shore Surf News

Surf Into Summer Riding A Bigger Swell

Howzit surfers and beach goers.

It’s Memorial Day weekend, and Local Motion Surf into Summer kicks off at Ala Moana Bowls. The timing for the swell this year is perfect.

If the forecast models pan out, we’ll have 3-foot south-by-southwest surf Friday and Saturday, 4-foot Sunday and possibly 5-foot surf Memorial Day. The event is so jampacked, they’ve added Friday. Now it’s four days of rip-roaring ripping!

The vantage point off Magic Island looking into the barreling bowls is amazing, and it’s time to surrender to the circus of surfers, spectators, tents, banners, barbecues, beach towels and surfboards. Don’t forget the sunblock.


Local Motion Surf into Summer got an upgrade with a pro division, and it’s now sanctioned by the World Surf League. There are about 120 rippers in this sector alone. It’s a whole new game with the added Stabl Thrash for Cash, plus the favorite surfboard engineers competing for bragging rights of the best surfer/shaper. Add in great overhead surf, and you’ve got what promises to be a truly epic weekend.

Check for changes in the forecast at Big mahalos to Vissla, D’blanc, Freesurf mag, Waiola, Wade Tokoro, Skullcandy and Vertra for their sponsorship.

The fourth event of the World Tour kicked off in Brazil last week at the Oi Rio Pro, and the competition is proving to be quite exciting.

Who’s going to be world champ come Pipeline? Although Brazil doesn’t usually boast of tour-like surf conditions, it’s still totally contestable. It’s barrels galore with airs off the hook. What really matters is what our best surfers do in whatever surf Mother Nature provides.

Pro talent makes everything look easy. Right now, I don’t know the results, but my guess is the Brazilians will have gained ground on their home turf. The man with the yellow jersey denoting first place is Adriano DeSouza, and he’s likely to stay there.

I want to give huge shoutouts to all those who came out May 15 to join Hands Across the Sand. It’s hosted by Surfrider Foundation’s Oahu, Maui and Kona-Hilo chapters and features beach cleanups across the state.

At noon, participants joined hands and formed a line in the sand to protest dirty fossil fuels, new offshore oil drilling and to promote clean, renewable energy.

The event began after BP’s disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico five years ago. To give voice against such dangers, Hands Across the Sand events are held each year at beaches and coastal areas across the country and around the world.

“I founded Hands Across the Sand to bring organizations and individuals together to send a powerful message to leaders that expanding oil drilling in our oceans is a dirty, dangerous endeavor,” said Dave Rauschkolb.

It’s good to keep power in check.

Well, that wraps up another week. Let’s be back together next week for more exciting surf news in paradise!