North Shore Artist’s iPhone Covers Help The Environment

Fans of artist Heather Brown now may proudly display her artwork wherever they may be – plus, it’s for a good cause.

The North Shore resident recently released three limited-edition iPhone 5 cases through Tru Protection Inc., a company that offers mobile and handheld devices while seeking to protect the environment.

A portion of the proceeds from each of the cases go to various organizations that are furthering efforts to increase environmental education and awareness.

“I am most inspired in creating art for the iPhone covers by the fact that 15 percent of all sales go to charities and foundations that I care deeply about,” said Brown.

Her relationship with each of the organizations has been cultivated through the years through a mutual love of the environment.

“I have been working with these foundations for years, and I believe so strongly in the work that they do, and how desperately they need the funds to keep doing the good work,” she said.

Proceeds from the Jungle Giraffe case go to the Seathos Foundation, which seeks to raise awareness and promote the education of the human impact on the ocean, according to its website.

“They are great people who are just trying to do what we all want to see: Clean up our oceans and waterways, and show people what humans have done, and what we can do to try reversing our effects,” said Brown.

The second recipient, Kokua Hawaii Foundation on the North Shore, seeks to further environmental education in schools and throughout the communities of Hawaii.

“I think they are one of the single most important groups in our Islands, teaching the keiki from a young age about taking better care of our earth and bodies,” she said.

Finally, the Hibiscus Sunset iPhone 5 case benefits Waves for Water, which, according to its website, seeks to provide clean water to communities throughout the world.

“Waves for Water is great, because they are doing so much with the money they receive,” she said.

“They are not just ‘raising awareness’ for their cause, they are putting their feet to the pavement.”

According to the Waves for Water website, the organization has distributed more than 100,000 filters throughout the world, providing more than 7,500,000 people with access to clean water.

It comes as no surprise, then, that Brown’s inspiration for her artwork stems from everything around her.

“The beauty of Hawaii that surrounds us each day is what fills me with my inspiration,” she said.

The cases are available for purchase on Tru Protection’s website,, each for $39.95. For more information on the artist, visit her website,