Nonprofits: We’re All In This Together

By Fred Frank, partner development manager for Savers

It isn’t very often you see a group of nonprofit organizations working together to achieve a common goal. That is what Big Brothers Big Sisters Hawaii (BBBSH), National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii and United Cerebral Palsy of Hawaii have set out to do. The leadership of the three organizations has started a collaboration called “We’re All In This Together,” to reduce the amount of mail cards each organization sends out. Mail cards are used to solicit donations of clothing and household goods that are used to help fund their respective programs.


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'Bigs' and the 'Littles' they support enjoy a day of rock climbing on a recent group outing | Photo from Big Brothers Big Sisters

United Cerebral Palsy executive director Donna Fouts says, “We are excited with the idea of working collaboratively with National Kidney Foundation and Big Brothers Big Sisters. The We’re All In This Together campaign allows us to complement each other while making it a simple, one-stop drop for those in the community.”

The program will reduce the amount of paper used and discarded into landfills by 66 percent.

Kidney Foundation Hawaii CEO Glen Hayashida says, “It has been a challenging road to get to this point. Like any relationship, collaborations take time and energy to first establish the trust necessary to move forward. I would like to thank Dennis (Brown, CEO/president BBBSH) and Donna (Fouts) for their commitment in putting aside individual organizational goals, in reducing the use of paper, and in agreeing to build a future together where we will all benefit, especially our donors.”

The partnership also fosters the spirit of ohana and makes it easier for you to support these nonprofit organizations.

Brown says, “The Big Brothers Big Sisters mission is all about building and supporting relationships. So we are pleased to be included with United Cerebral Palsy and National Kidney Foundation in doing something sensible that has many benefits for those who support us with donations and for our community as a whole.”

In future weeks you should see these cards in your mailbox. Please help these organizations as they strive to fulfill their mission to help the people of Hawaii. To make a donation and schedule a pickup, call Big Brothers Big Sisters Hawaii (524-6111), National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii (596-7575) or United Cerebral Palsy of Hawaii (254-0114). You also can schedule a pickup online by going to

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