New York Fashion Week Recap

This week, celebrity stylist Crystal Pancipanci, makeup artist Kecia Littman and hair designer Jake Acedo recap New York Fashion Week for us. This ‘Dream Team’ from Hawaii made its way to the Big Apple last month, getting an up-close look at what’s to come in fashion, hair and beauty next season.


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Adriana Lima in bold florals at Desigual


Photo by Lawrence Tabudlo

Celebrity stylist and owner of Panci Style

“The silhouettes we saw — and it was everywhere — was the tea-length skirts,” notes Pancipanci. “Every collection was doing it — the very classic, long, to-your-ankle skirts and dresses, and full. It hits the waist at the smallest part of the waist, is so easy to run around in, and it’s a very flattering silhouette for most body shapes.”

Other trends, according to Pancipanci:

* Flats: Flat sandals, including Birkenstock styles, were all over the runway and on the streets. “It was worn by every fashion influencer and blogger,” recalls Pancipanci. “Yay for comfort.”

* Statement clutches: It’s the standout piece of your outfit.

* Big, bold florals: Florals this spring aren’t very soft, demure or delicate. It’s bold statement florals in prints that are bright and colorful.

* Tropical Influences: From flowers to pineapples and palm trees, there were touches of Hawaii on clothes and accessories everywhere.

* White and black: It’s more dominantly white with black layering or black accents.

* Transparency/sheer paneling: “See-through maxi skirts and dresses paired with vintage high-waisted boy shorts were very prominent,” adds Pancipanci.


Photo by Lawrence Tabudlo

Hair designer at W Salon

“This year, I saw a lot of those low nape ponytails with a really sleek, high shine, and a few with a lot of texture and movement,” says Acedo. “I think the best hair I saw was at Carolina Herrera. They created this origami-inspired hair where it’s high-shine, really sleek and the back had this origami type-style that was sculpted but clean.

“Also, we didn’t see too many braids this year, but they didn’t go away. They did a few braid trends on the runway, but for street style, as I was walking around I saw a lot of girls with everyday braids — real tousled with an effortless feel to it. And for color, it’s still that ombre balayage feel.”


Photo by Lawrence Tabudlo

Makeup artist

Littman, who worked a couple of major shows at Fashion Week, says the beauty trend is a clean face with clean skin. “It’s that no-makeup makeup look — very dewy on the cheeks, nice highlights and a little shimmer,” she explains. “Lips are either coral or a really pale color.”

The key to getting that nice, clean skin look? Moisturize. “Really hydrate your skin, giving your skin that healthy glow,” advises Littman, who lists Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation and Infinite makeup as her favorites. “Then apply a sheer liquid foundation lightly on the skin and conceal where you need it.”

Photos courtesy Crystal Pancipanci, Jake Acedo and Kecia Littman
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