New Law To Track Rising Sea

State lawmakers took a crucial step recently to protect our island state and address climate change in Hawaii.

Signed into law by the governor, House Bill 1714 establishes an interagency climate adapation committee under the state Department of Land and Natural Resources. The committee will develop a report on sea level rise impacts statewide to 2050.

Among those working to ensure it became a law this year was Majority Policy Leader and Waipahu Rep. Henry Aquino. “I applaud my colleagues and the governor for making it a priority to tackle the consequences of climate change on our islands,” Aquino said. “We have seen rising sea levels, erosion of our shoreline and various other effects of global warming on the increase in the last year.

“The Hawaii Climate Adaptation Initiative will help protect our economy and way of life for our next generation.”

House Bill 1714 was part of the 2014 Joint Majority Legislative Package, included because of its statewide importance and commitment of majorities of both legislative chambers.