New Kailua Gallery Dedicated To, And Owned By, Local Artists

Artists Jill Butterbaugh and Shyrl Topp Matias recently opened Gallery 315 in Kailua, where the original, fine art of local artists is featured.

“We have a lot of people who just come in and walk through who really enjoy it,” said Matias, a retired English teacher. The gallery is an entrepreneurial venture that was born at Windward Community College, where she and Butterbaugh were students. Butterbaugh also is on the board of the Windward Artists Guild.


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Shyrl Topp Matias

Now artists have an opportunity and place on the Windward side to show their works in a gallery, and the public benefits by having more affordable originals available to display in their homes.

“I also think it will benefit the Windward community because it offers an opportunity for anyone on the this side to come in and relax and view truly beautiful, original arts,” Matias said. “There are no copies of any piece – it’s all original – and there’s a feeling that comes with that. It’s embracing and uplifting.”

In fact, Matias alludes it to being in a museum. “It has that kind of feel, that honorific, embraces, soothing kind of feel.”

“This is a big deal in Kailua now – the first artist cooperative in many, many years,” added WAG member Connie Oliva of the “small but beautiful” space. “This has been a dream of Kailua artists.” She noted that there is a revolving group of artists, including her husband, and they have the option to work several hours at the co-op, or not.

Featured artists include Mark Brown, Jonathan Busse, Rene Darrow, Barbara Eberhart, Jodi Endicott, Norman Graffam, Snowden Hodges, Angela Treat Lyon, Julie McIntyre, Toni Martin, Frank Oliva, Pati O’Neal, Bruce Schauble, Ginny Walden, Butterbaugh and Matias.

Gallery 315 is located in suite 204 of the 315 Uluniu St. building, above Cinna-mon’s Restaurant.

Hours are 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday. Call 262-5678 or 651-4271.