Neighborhood Huis Support Families

Jade Stice

Jade Stice

By Jade Stice, Family Hui Program Manager

Parents can feel overwhelmed by the challenges of parenting. Family Hui Hawaii provides the opportunity for families to come together in a casual setting to support each other.

Hui groups are peer-led by a trained volunteer parent from their community and structured around a weekly parenting topic.

Families are grouped by the age and neighborhood of their child so that families are sharing
similar experiences.

“My husband and I don’t have any family here,” said a client. “When my second child was born, she was in the NICU for weeks. My hui rallied around me to care for my older child. I don’t know what I would have done without them. Hui is my family.”

In this non-judgmental setting, families freely share their triumphs and struggles, learn about child development, discuss gentle, effective and appropriate parenting strategies, and build lifelong friendships. Families bring their children to Hui and learn to teach their children while children practice social skills and build friendships.

By joining a Hui, parents become empowered to create a calm and stable home environment for their family. While the Hui runs through a 12-week program, many groups choose to stay connected with their group and Family Hui for many years, helping each other through the ups and downs of parenthood throughout childhood and beyond.

“I was depressed and alone after my first child was born,” said another Hui member. “I joined Hui and was able to get the help and resources I needed. I was relieved to know I was not alone. My Hui saved me!”

Family Hui builds on The Baby Hui, which served Hawaii’s families for 30 years. Family Hui’s program serves families with children from birth through the age of 5.

Family Hui is actively coordinating groups statewide, expecting to serve 350 families this year.

Family Hui is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization and strives to serve families free of charge.

To join a neighborhood Hui, or to make a donation, please contact us at familyhui-, by email at or by calling 230-7112.