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Na Ali‘i Look To Hauki As A Leader For Volleyball Season

Aiea volleyball standout Travis Hauki may be a sophomore as far as his eligibility goes, but he plays as if he were an upperclassman.

He had a breakout season last spring with Na Ali‘i, when Aiea went 9-8 overall on their way to earning a berth in the New City Nissan Division II State Tournament. Aiea also finished as the Oahu Interscholastic Association White Conference runner-up to Kailua. Making the starting lineup as a freshman setter was all part of the plan for Hauki, who holds himself to high standards.

“It put a lot of pressure on me to step up my game and show that I could do it,” Hauki said. “I was ready. I’d started playing volleyball seven years ago with PAL (Police Activities League). I have confidence.”

This season, Hauki will be looked upon as a leader for Aiea, along with senior Perritte Togafau.

Hauki recently took some time away from the practice court as well as his studies to visit with MidWeek‘s West Oahu Islander.

What is your earliest sports-related memory? I was first introduced to volleyball when I used to watch my parents (David and Lorryan) and my aunties and uncles playing at Mililani District Gym. It made me want to play.

Who’s had the biggest impact on you in your life? I’d say my dad. He’s always pushing me to boost my confidence in playing volleyball, and he always gives me helpful tips I can use in practice or the game.

What area of your game have you been focusing on since your last high school season? Basically, my setting and my hitting. Since last year, I think I’ve improved a lot.

Who on the Aiea roster is ready for a breakout season? Ariq Vergado-Duclayan. He’s a junior who is in his first year of playing volleyball. He’s a football/basketball player. He’s really good.

What Internet site do you frequent the most? YouTube. I like to watch comedy types of things.

What is your least favorite household chore? I’d say taking out the trash and cleaning up after the dog.

If you were planning a trip, what would be your destination of choice? New Zealand.

What movie could you watch over and over? The Hunger Games.

Who are three of your favorite musical artists? Spawnbreezie, The Green and Kaipo Kapua.

When you have free time, how do you like to spend it? If I’m not playing volleyball, I’m basically lying around and watching TV. I like to watch (the show) Ridiculousness on MTV.

You’re stuck on Kahoolawe. You can have an endless supply of only one food. What would it be? Steak.

If you could have your pick, what celebrity would you most like to meet? Christina Aguilera.