Mustangs’ Outside Hitter Loves VB, But Not Mopping Floors

From his outside hitter position, Kalaheo’s Reeve Troberg can’t help but feel like he’s at the center of the action.

“I like that I always get to stay in (the game),” Troberg said. “I also like that we get to do it all – pass, set and hit.”

Most of all, he likes Kalaheo’s position as the team gets set for this week’s Division I state volleyball championships. Late last week, he and his teammates were bidding for an OIA title after making the championship round, where they were to meet Moanalua. Regardless of the outcome of that series, the Mustangs already had clinched one of the league’s six state berths. Kalaheo took a 13-2 record into late last week.

Troberg recently took some time away from school and volleyball to visit with MidWeek‘s Windward Islander:

Who has had the biggest impact on your life? (Kalaheo head volleyball coach) Ed Chun. He helped to put me in the right direction with school, volleyball and life.

What is your earliest sports-related memory? Since I was 14, I’ve been playing volleyball. It came easy to me. Everything flowed.

What area did you work most on in the off-season? I worked on my speed and my jumping. Coach ran a plyometrics training that some of us went to. It was difficult at times, but it helped me. As a team, we’ve really improved on knowing what’s going on with every play, coming back (emotionally) from bad plays, and always playing with great energy.

Which of your teammates would you label best “practice player” – the guy who always gives 120 percent? Michael Leong. He works really hard.

What is your least-favorite household chore? Mopping

floors. It takes a long time.

Would your friends say you are the life of the party or the guy who stands by and listens? They would say I’m the life of the party.

What site do you frequent the most on the Internet? Hawaii Skin Diver. Diving and surfing are my (main interests).

What channel do you turn to when you watch television? Discovery Channel.

What song do you go to your iPod for to get yourself pumped up on game day? Not Done Yet by Soja.

Are you a neat freak or messy? I’m messy. My room is on the messy side.

What is your favorite video game? I have an Xbox 360, and Modern Warfare III is my favorite.

Who would be your choice for a celebrity date on a Saturday night? Jessica Alba.

You are stuck on Kaho’olawe with an endless supply of only one food. What would it be? Boston Pizza (spinach, garlic and tomato).