‘Mrs. Nishikawa’ Honored By Kapolei Schools

By State Rep. Sharon Har

Kapolei area educators and administrators had one final opportunity June 29 to offer their fondest thanks and aloha to Annette Nishikawa for a happy retirement. This was a fitting end to a career of shaping the lives of our keiki.

Among the gifts of mochi, manapua and pork hash, and a cornucopia of decadent sweets, I found my friend Annette buried under a stack of lei honoring her selfless and tireless efforts to improve education in the Kapolei complex. For her many accomplishments and tireless service, I would like to shine the “Second City Spotlight” on yet another asset who quietly serves West Oahu.


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State Rep. Sharon Har

Annette’s career began in the classroom at Kealakehe Elementary and Intermediate back in 1969.

From there, she went to Waianae Intermediate, where she was promoted to vice principal and eventually principal. Mrs. Nishikawa, however, is best known by students in West Oahu as the very first principal of Kapolei Middle School, serving students in one of the fastest growing districts in the state. From the time the school opened July 30, 1999, she guided the growth of KMS.

Like all good things, however, this must eventually come to an end. Annette’s successes there did not go unnoticed, and she was called on to serve as the acting Kapolei Complex superintendent, overseeing all schools in the area.

She’s not just an advocate for the community, she also works tirelessly with other administrators and legislators like myself to improve our public school system.

The list of accolades she accumulated during her tenure include: 2002 Hawaii State Middle Level Principal of the Year, Kapolei Outstanding Achievement Award in Education in 2009 and MetLife/National Association of Secondary Principals Award, just to name a few.

After more than 40 years of service to her students, to West Oahu and to the state, however, it’s now time for her to take some time for herself.

After reaching out to so many other children in the community, she looks forward to spending more time dedicated to her grandchildren. While Annette’s retirement might be seen a loss to Kapolei and Makakilo school families, it is a fitting way to honor the great service and sacrifice that one of our lifelong educators has made to the community.

Thank you and aloha Annette Nishikawa.

To contact state Rep. Sharon Har, D – District 40 (Makakilo, Kapolei), call 586-8500.