More Tools For East Oahu Traffic Jam-ups

The state extended its weekday Freeway Service Patrol last month for three miles and now reaches as far east at Ainakoa Avenue in Waialae.

FSP’s mission is to safely clear disabled vehicles from the highways and keep traffic moving – something that it has provided more than 30,000 times since it began four years ago, according to the state Department of Transpor-tation.

The service’s tow trucks also are now equipped with “push bumpers,” specialized front-end bumpers that push cars from behind to a safer location without damaging either vehicle.

As of July 1, FSP covers H-1 Freeway from Kunia Road, and from Ka Uka Boulevard on H-2, to Ainakoa (including the airport viaduct and Moanalua Freeway). The previous end point was UH Manoa.

To request assistance, call 841-4357 (HELP).