Monkey Kingdom

The Look Siblings
Sarah Champayn, Ethan Wyatt and LonDyn Sydney Look, Hale O Wai Lemi, high school-division winners of the 2015 Lemonade Alley competition

Where and with whom did you see the movie?

At Pearlridge West with our Hale O Wai Lemi team (Sarah Champayn, LonDyn Sydney and Ethan Wyatt Look), our brother BrayDn Look and our parents, Carlson and Pauwilo Look.


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The Look Siblings

Overall, what did you think?

We really enjoyed it! It was an artful presentation with intelligent themes that provided an insider’s look into the macaque monkey hierarchy and resulting caste struggle.

Without giving away the ending, what was one of your favorite scenes?

Mealtime is always a challenge, and one scene shows a seasonal swarming of termites. The monkeys and neighboring insects use this opportunity to replenish their food supplies. We normally associate termites with being pests, but the footage of this interaction is artistic and rather breathtaking.

On a scale of one to four stars, what would you rate this film?

We all gave it ★★★★ because the characters were engaging and the story forced you to think about your own views on our society’s hierarchy.

What did you think of the cinematography?

Everything in this film screamed “art.” The natural environment in which the animal actors were filmed provided a stunning glimpse of their everyday lives and the balance they try to strike between civilization and nature.

Was the message/theme clear?

Ethan Wyatt summarized this best. He said it really made him think about our human social classes and how being born into a wealthy family versus a financially struggling family changes your options and the degree to which you have to work to change your outcome. Not bad for an 8-year-old!

Did it remind you of any other works of film?

The Lion King because of the whole “circle of life” premise.

Who would you recommend this movie to?

It’s a great film for anyone who loves animals, nature, is in education, or has an interest in sociology or behavioral sciences.

Did any of the actors stand out?

We all loved Maya and Kumar. They were charismatic individually and as a couple.

Did you identify with any of the characters?

Yes! Maya reminded us of our parents, and how much parents sacrifice to provide us with a better life.

Did the soundtrack contribute significantly to the film?

We loved the mix of contemporary and symphonic songs, and especially the soundtrack single It’s Our World sung by The Voice alum Jacqui Lee.

What’s your favorite movie snack?

Sarah Champayn loves popcorn with lots of furikake and arare. LonDyn Sydney has to have a strawberry Icee and Ethan Wyatt gets a keiki meal hookup.

On a different note, what’s new with you?

We’ve just come off our April 11 high school division win for Lemonade Alley at Pearlridge and are excited about the people we’ve met as we move forward with our nonprofit, Malama Music Foundation. Our goal is to support students, teachers and music ensembles through the promotion of national music programs, resources and advocacy. Our team Hale O Wai Lemi is expanding to provide fundraising opportunities in the community through the sales of our award-winning lemonade. Also, both Sarah Champayn and BrayDn are graduating from Kamehameha and Moanalua High School (respectively). LonDyn Sydney will be heading to Washington, D.C., in July to represent Hawaii in the national Miss Teen United States competition. Ethan Wyatt will be dancing with keiki kane of Joan S. Lindsey Hula Studio at Queen Lili‘uokalani Keiki Hula completion in July. Whew!