Mini Eel and Mini Ava Sky

This month, Fighting Eel and Ava Sky releases its holiday collection for girls — Mini Eel and Mini Ava Sky.


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Ava Agor: Mini Eel 'Jumper Ava' in black $48

The popular local brands, created by Lan Chung and Rona Bennett, began offering Mini Eel in 2009 and Mini Ava Sky just last year. Designed for girls who are more fashion conscious, the collection is described as modern and city chic, not frilly. Sizes range from 2T to 10. “We are trying a new bamboo fabric blend in our holiday collection for Mini Eel,” notes Linh Owen, business manager. “It’s softer and moms like that on their kids. As for Ava Sky, we like separates. Traditionally, little girls wear dresses, but we are doing separates also and it’s been a big hit.”

Mini Eel features basic jersey typical to Fighting Eel’s signature fabric. Ava Sky, which is named after Chung’s daughter, has a more resort-wear look, and is made with rayon/tencil-blend fabrics as well as jersey. “The best thing about this is that both lines are ‘love’ projects for the company,” adds Owen. “It’s quite a bit of work to do mini styles when we don’t sell that much of it. Financially, it doesn’t make sense to do it, but sometimes you have to go with your heart, and our hearts say the mini collections are a must!”

Mini Eel and Mini Ava Sky are available exclusively at Fighting Eel boutiques (in Downtown, Kailua and Waikiki) and online. Featured here are some of the latest styles available now. For more information, visit or call 738-9300.

photos by Anthony Consillio
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