Mililani Mauka Student Has Simple Plan To Cut Electric Bill

Mililani Mauka Elementary student Casey Morishige illustrates a simple system of reducing energy use. Courtesy Hawaiian Electric Co.

Beyond the usual vows of fitness, neatness and all kinds of personal improvements that adults pledge this time of year, hundreds of Oahu children have resolved to make a small change that can affect all of us: Save electricity.

During Hawaiian Electric Co.’s yearlong Home Energy Challenge in the island’s public elementary schools, keiki learn a variety of ways to conserve energy and save on home electric bills.

In a recent HECO contest to find the best new year’s resolutions, four winners emerged, including Casey Morishige of Mililani Mauka, responding to the statement, “I promise to conserve electricity at home by ….”

Here’s the Mililani Mauka Elementary fourth-grader’s plan of action – complete with illustration: “I will open the windows and not use the air conditioner.”

Morishige has won a free presentation for Ms. Horie’s classroom by Mad Science of Hawaii.

According to contest rules, her parents must commit to helping their child lower the monthly electricity use in their home over a six-month period.

Grand prizes of $10,000, $6,000 and $3,000 will go to the top three energy-saving schools in May.