Mililani High Revives Its Popular Carnival

After a 20-year hiatus, Mililani High School Carnival returns this weekend with rides, games, food booths and entertainment.

Mililani grads and long-time area residents fondly recall the bright lights and rides that dazzled along Meheula Parkway in the 1980s. This Friday, the fun begins.

The carnival will be on the upper campus grounds with EK Fernandez rides and games in the main parking lot.

The high school and its feeder schools will provide food and game booths to support school activities and programs. The cafeteria will be turned into a “big top” gathering place for dining and local entertainment.

Attendees also can enjoy a hands-on robotic educational experience, sponsored by the school’s award-winning robotics class.

The entertainment schedule for the Feb. 20-22 carnival is posted on the high school website. Parking is available all weekend in the lower

MHS lot, along Kipapa Drive, at Miliani Waena Elementary and at neighboring YMCA. Additional parking will be open Friday and Saturday at both parking lots at the Mormon Church (across from the post office) on Meheula Parkway.

For more information about the carnival, call Hazel or Ivy at 627-7747.