Marsh talk’s still open

Dear Editor,

The letter from Chuck Prentiss published on June 4 contains some factual errors.

He stated that the draft plan for Kawainui has “been given little publicity and no opportunity for public discussion.” What? Chapter 3 of the draft plan goes into great detail on the public participation process, which has been ongoing for several years. He attended some of the meetings, so he should know.

He claimed that the neighborhood board meeting on June 5 “may be the only opportunity to (make comments) before the plan is submitted for a final EIS.” Wrong again. The draft EIS hasn’t even been made available to the public, so the 30-day review period for the draft EIS hasn’t even started, but will be coming up soon.

I encourage the readers to review the draft plan, found at, and get their comments in by the end of the month.

Those who are thinking that some big bad tourist-attracting development is being proposed will be disappointed to find out that nothing like that is being proposed.

Rick Scudder