Malaekahana Lease Plans Sought

The state Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) is beginning a Request for Qualifications/Request for Proposals (RFQ/RFP) before issuing a five-year lease for the campground at Malaekahana State Recreation Area.

The campground is currently operated by the Friends of Malaekahana under a month-to-month revocable permit.

The proposal and qualification process opens the way for bidders to negotiate a five-year lease with the Division of State Parks, which is subject to Board of Land and Natural Resources approval.

“This is a long-awaited opportunity to continue to provide the public an enhanced and alternative camping experience,” stated William J. Aila Jr., DLNR chairman. “It will provide an operator with enough certainty to adequately maintain a campground that is operationally and financially viable, as we make improvements for long-term public recreational use.”

Proposals will include areas for public beach access, tent camping and optional rental of alternative, temporary structures such as small Hawaiian hale, tent platforms or other similar non-permanent structures that provide value-added options to the public’s recreational camping experience.

Eligible applicants will have until June 19 to submit a notice of intent to participate. Copies of the RFQ/RFP package can be obtained at DLNR State Parks district offices or downloaded from the State Parks website at For further information, call the Division of State Parks at 587-0505.

During the term of the RFQ/RFP process and lease, DLNR is scheduled to make infrastructure improvements, including bathroom and shower facilities, and make other long-term recreational campground and day use plans that will apply after this five-year lease period expires and the campground is rebid.