Making The Day A Bit Easier For Mom

Dear Pamela,

I would like to send APPLAUSE out to Lynn Takahashi, senior vice president, First Hawaiian Bank, Private Banking division. I had to venture downtown recently to visit my escrow company. At 4 p.m., the foot and car traffic were getting intense! I got turned around and ended up parking in the First Hawaiian Bank parking structure. Thinking I was in the right place, I got my three children under the age of 5 out of the car, loaded up the stroller and headed up to the 20th floor. Then I realized that I was in the wrong place. Lynn Takahashi, who appeared to be leaving work, ran into us at the elevator and asked where I was headed. She was so nice and so friendly, and listened to me explain my situation. She told me to leave my car in the structure and just walk across the street, and then when I was done I could validate my parking upstairs where she worked on the 20th floor! She was awesome, I had noidea how much parking costs downtown! She rode with us in the elevator down to the lobby, walked me out through a service exit, which perfectly placed us kitty corner from the building I needed to go to. She was an angel in my time of disorientation and the offer to validate my parking was priceless!

I appreciate the time it took for her to point me in the right direction. It was the end of the workday and I know she was eager to leave the office. Kudos to her, and her kindness and generosity!

Marcella Kopa
Ewa Beach

Dear Marcella,

Lynn Takahashi just could not see you getting back into your car with your three kids. “I was waiting for the elevator and there she was, talking on the phone, telling someone she was in the wrong building,” she says. “It was late afternoon, and it would have taken her so much time to just exit the building and get back into traffic. I’m glad everything worked out.”

Dear Pamela,

After doing some shopping at Macy’s, I tripped and fell at the curb by the driveway. Within seconds, I was surrounded by a number of shoppers and employees. They helped me up, wiped off the abrasions, offered assistance and made sure I was all right to drive to the Kaiser clinic a block away, where I received excellent service.

Fortunately, the damage turned out to be relatively superficial, aside from a bruised ego and scratched glasses. In the confusion, I did not get the names of any in this helpful group, but I am hugely grateful for their care and concern. The people of Kailua are just the greatest!

Madge Garson

Dear Madge,

“Thank you for your kind words,” says Lee Rhoden, registered nurse and Kaiser Permanente Kailua Clinic supervisor. “I’m very proud of our wonderful team, who work hard to provide excellent care to every patient, every time. We are happy her injuries were minor and we were able to help.”

Dear Pamela,

Last week I went to Pearlridge with my wife and daughter. Like most men, I hate shopping. While I waited for them, I decided to sit in one of the massage chairs. Apparently my wallet had fallen out of my pocket without me knowing. I left the chair and went to the ground floor.

A girl named Kyla and her friend Brooke approached me and returned my wallet. I was at a loss for words. I tried to give them a reward, but they would not take it and left. As I walked around, I really felt that I didn’t thank them enough and tell them how much I appreciated what they did.

I went looking for them and found them on the second floor. I told them thank you again and that’s when I found out their names and schools (St. Andrew’s Priory and Kaiser). Thank you, Kyla and Brooke. You saved me from a big headache. Your actions show how big your hearts are.

APPLAUSE is my favorite. I am so glad we have a place to show our gratitude to the people who do wonderful things. Sometimes you lose faith with all the bad things happening in the world. So, having this happen to me shows there is still a lot of aloha. I have a 14-year-old daughter and I am trying to instill all the good things in her, too.

I hope that Kyla, Brooke and their parents read this.

Ryan Sawai

Dear Ryan,

Your heartwarming message also was read by their educators. Unfortunately, administrators at both schools could not find a Kyla or Brooke, so it’s possible they were using nicknames.

I have a feeling your letter explaining their actions will inspire your daughter and other young people to act just as responsibly and thoughtfully.