Making A Big Splash With Kupuna

Hi Pamela,

We wanted to give huge mahalos to Oahu Catamaran’s owner Carl, Kaptain Krash and first mate Glen for making dreams come true for three of our kupuna at Leahi Hospital. They are not your ordinary kupuna. On the catamaran were a 101-year-old gentleman, a 97-year-old gentleman and a 94-year-old lady — 292 years among them. Their wish was to be on the ocean once again, and Oahu Catamarans helped make it happen. To see the joy on the faces of these three kupuna was priceless! It is because of people like this crew that a good quality of life still exists within our elder community. Thank you!

Lee Hanta and Karen
Leahi Hospital

Dear Lee and Karen,

Carl Mento of Oahu Catamarans says his passengers that day are amazing! “They all had fascinating stories, so I was compelled to meet them. My sister met Karen Halemano at a YWCA swimming class. Karen told her about Lefty, who is 97 years old. At the hospital, he would sit on the lanai and just look out at the water, wishing he could go out into the ocean. The woman’s son had a boat and she remembered being on the water, and the 101-year old-gentleman had a fishing boat up into his 90s! It was a joy to see their anticipation and happiness.”

Carl gives his APPLAUSE to the crew: Kaptain Krash Clint Nishimura and Glen Biven.

Dear Pamela,

Two weeks ago I was walking to Queen’s POB II and a woman with a walker was going in the opposite direction. The road wasn’t level, and all of a sudden her walker went flying. She fell backward and hit her head on the pavement. She was lying on the street in the middle of traffic. I stopped traffic as best as I could. I was going to call for an ambulance, but she said she was fine and just wanted to sit on the bench and wait for the HandiVan. That’s when a young fellow came by and asked if he could help. He picked her up and waited with her while I went to my appointment. When I was done, she was still there waiting for HandiVan, so I stopped to talk to her. She said she was 85 years old and wished she had gotten the name of the man who assisted her. She is so grateful. So I am hoping he reads this APPLAUSE letter so she can thank him in person.

Patty Dunaway

Dear Patty,

If the good Samaritan recognizes your friend’s plight in your letter, he can contact me at and I will give him your phone number. We’re glad to hear your friend is not injured and is doing well.

Dear Pamela,

I needed to ask directions to the federal building. I stopped a woman, and she was kind enough to explain how to get there. Then, to my surprise, she took me all the way to the federal building, helped me carry my walker up those long steps, took me inside and pointed out the Social Security Office. With my ancient mind, I forgot to ask for her name.

A few days later, I went to the main First Hawaiian Bank to see my customer consultant Nohonani Leslie with a SSA problem. Without hesitation, she called the SSA office, explained my situation and received the answer that I needed. Thank you, Nohonani and all the others who made my day. Mahalo and may God bless you.

Chizuko Munetake

Dear Chizuko,

Nohonani Leslie of First Hawaiian Bank says it’s always a pleasure to see you.

“She had a question that neither of us had the answer to, so I called the 1-800 number, which she could have done herself, but I think it was comforting for her to do it at the office, especially since there was a 15-minute wait,” she says. “Chizuko is one of my personal banking clients and she’s so sweet whenever she comes in. As a personal banker, this is what we do. We make things easier for our clients.”

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