Lynn Wong Wins A $150 Spree At Kmart


Lynn Wong’s 4-year-old daughter needed new shoes, and she saw there was a buy one, get-one-for-$1 sale at Kmart, so on Thursday, she stopped at the Nimitz Highway location. As she made her purchase at 1 p.m., Mid-Week‘s representative approached Lynn with a simple question. She answered correctly and instantly won a $150 Kmart shopping spree.

“I like shopping at Kmart because I like their wide selection of shoes for the family,” said this week’s Mystery Shopper, a social worker. “Also, the prices are reasonable.”

Lynn was born and raised in Kaimuki, and graduated from Roosevelt High School in 1992. She has two children, and enjoys exercising, playing games on the computer, reading and spending time with her family. She also likes to read MidWeek. “I love Ron Nagasawa’s column, and my mom loves his column too,” she shared. “She cuts it out every week and puts it in a folder. I also like the ads, and the different columnists, such as Dan Boylan.”