Lost At Ward, But Not For Long

Dear Pamela,

Last week we took our two granddaughters to Ward Warehouse. They wanted to go into C. June Shoes and see all the pretty shoes. The owner June Mulhall was very friendly and showed us some very beautiful shoes.

After we left the store, we realized that one of the girls was missing. We went into several stores looking for her. Then we looked down the walkway and saw June bringing our granddaughter to meet us. We are thankful that our granddaughter thought that June was a nice friend who could help her.

Mahalo nui loa, June, for taking the time to lock up your store for awhile and helping our granddaughter find us. We appreciate people like you who have so much aloha in caring for others. We will never forget your kindness! God bless you always!

Gloriette Zane
Hawaii Kai

Dear Gloriette,

C. June Mulhall was just as impressed with your family. “They were two of the sweetest little girls out with their grandmother,” she says. “I couldn’t take my eyes off them. They left, and a short time later one of the girls showed up said, ‘I’m lost.’ I closed the store and went walking. The parents came later and I can say the whole family is just wonderful.”

Dear Pamela,

What a nice touch APPLAUSE is to thank folks for their random acts of kindness.

My story was a heart thumper for me. My wife and I took our two grandchildren for lunch at Subway in Waimanalo. Much confusion on what these 2- and 4-year-olds wanted to eat and drink, etc. My wife had my wallet in her purse. She fished out the wallet, handed me some cash. All went fine and we returned home. But my wife unknowingly dropped the wallet between the booth and the wall. I never realized the wallet was missing. After we left, the owner of Subway, Robert, found the wallet. The only phone number in the wallet was for my sister-inlaw, who lives in Arizona. He called my sister-in-law, who got a hold of my wife to let her know Robert at Subway had my wallet. What a beautiful gesture on Robert’s part. The wallet had a lot of cash and credit cards. I just want to thank Robert publicly for his efforts. This has renewed my faith in mankind and made me realize what a special place Hawaii and its residents are. Mahalo, Robert.

Guy Joyce
Kailua Beach

Dear Guy,

Robert Noblisse of Waimanalo Subway remembers your situation. “We get lost wallets, purses, cell phones and whatever fairly frequently,” he says. “But Mr. Joyce’s predicament sticks out because I had to call Arizona to track him down. We’re always happy to return lost items. We know such a loss can ruin someone’s day.”

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