Lost At Longs, HPD Valor, True Love

Aloha, Pamela,
Last month I did not realize I left my backpack purse in a shopping cart between Pali Longs and Safeway. A good Samaritan turned my purse in to Pali Longs. I also want to give APPLAUSE to the Longs staff, especially Steven, who located me the very same day. All my personal belongings were untouched. May good fortune come to each of you. You will never know the agony I went through. Mahalo!

Martha Harper

Dear Martha,
Pali Longs manager Steven Kanemoto says the staff deals with several lost items each day. “We know how traumatic it can be for someone to lose their money and cards, so we do our best to locate the owners and get the items back as soon as possible.”

Dear Pamela,
I fell on the street near Kaiser Permanente on Pensacola Street. A lady asked if I was alright as I got up on my own. Officer Robert Kauka helped me to the bus stop bench. He and a female officer took gentle care of my bruised knees. A security guard at Kaiser watched over me as I went on my way. Jesus had them there for me.

Shirley Ishida

Dear Shirley,
“HPD officers Arlynn Orpilla and Robert Kauka are just examples of many HPD officers who do these small acts of valor,” says HPD information officer Teresa Bell. “It’s their sincerity and aloha that keeps Honolulu the safest place to live, work and play.”

Dear Pamela:
I’m a sales associate at Hilo Hattie on Nimitz Highway. Every day, we receive shoppers from all over the world, as well as local customers. Recently a couple, apparently tourists from the Mainland U.S. or Canada in their late ’60s, shopping around in our store caught my attention: Hand-in-hand, they stopped here and there, and unlike other shopping couples, the husband would take an item up to his wife’s hands to let her feel it. It was when they stood face-to-face communicating by tapping each other’s hands that I realized the wife was not only blind, but also deaf and mute. From the smiles on her face, I could tell, she was very happy being accompanied and taken care of by such a caring husband. It is the TRUE LOVE between them! As they walked hand-in-hand out of our store, I was standing there seeing them off, tears welling up in my eyes. May God bless this couple!

Rocky Zhang

Dear Rocky,
Coming from a family with a disabled member, I appreciate your sensitivity to the extra time and care this special community needs to do the daily tasks the rest of us take for granted. Mahalo for giving them the space to be themselves and the added blessing of your prayers.

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