Lost And Found Anonymous Angels

Dear Pamela,

I would like to say big “Mahalo” to the honest person who found my wallet in the parking lot at Manoa Marketplace and turned it in to the staff at the nearby Longs Drugs Store May

25. I had carelessly dropped my wallet as I was getting into my car and didn’t realize it until I was in the Kaimuki area. Thank you, also, to the staff at Manoa Longs for holding my wallet and for calling my wife to notify me of their finding my wallet. Yes, from now on I will put a large rubber band around my wallet. It’s great to know that there are still honest and kindhearted individuals in our community.

David Terada Kaimuki

Dear Pamela,
After shopping at Times Market in Kamehameha Shopping Center I went home to Waimanalo. I received a call from my bank that someone found my purse in the cart. They found my checkbook, and that’s how they were able to track me down. When I went to the Times customer service desk they gave me my purse with all the contacts intact. I don’t know who returned it, and I would love to thank this person very much.

Alma Ruis-Moniz Waimanalo

Aloha Pamela,
I want to thank the kind person who returned my check to me in the mail. The note inside read: “I found your check in a trash bag on the beach.” I want to say mahalo to the person who mailed my check!

Diane Bollet Ewa Beach

Hi Pamela,
I left my purse in a shopping cart at Windward City Shopping Center in Kaneohe. I didn’t discover my missing purse until I got home. I raced back to Longs knowing I was too late and thinking about everything I had in my purse. As I was running to the entrance, I looked at where I parked the shopping cart and cried out, “My purse,” which, of course, wasn’t there. A lady sitting on a bench cried back, “A man brought a purse into the store.” I couldn’t believe what I heard. When I entered the store, two clerks were calling out my name with my purse in their hand. I asked who found it, and they said a man in a tank top just turned it in and left. They looked around, but couldn’t find him. I am so grateful to the stranger with the aloha spirit and the kind heart who took the time to turn in my purse. I wished I could have thanked him. I will always think of him as my angel. I just hope I get the opportunity to follow his example and be an angel to someone one day.

Millie Hayden Kaneohe

Dear Millie, Diane, Alma and David,

You may have all lost items of value, but in the process of retrieving them you’ve also regained a faith in humankind and a commitment to pay it forward. A standing ovation goes out to your anonymous angels!