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Lino Hau


In 2005, Tiffany Lizares started making jewelry as a hobby and soon discovered a passion for it. She also learned she had a talent for it, and she later signed up for classes at Honolulu Academy of Arts (now Honolulu Museum of Art), as well as private lessons from local artists in a variety of styles, including metalwork, glass, ceramics and jewelry.

She made pieces for friends and family, and showcased some of her designs at museum’s end-of-the-year student sale. The response was overwhelmingly positive and, in 2011, she turned her hobby into a business called Lino Hau.

“I don’t sell anything that I don’t love or wouldn’t wear,” says Lizares, who, along with husband Rylan, owns Gracie Technics Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy. “Each piece is modeled after the unique culture and geography of the Islands. My Aina Collection incorporates earthy elements like rocks and crystals, and the Ocean Collection was inspired by the elements of the ocean floor.


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Alaine Akau: (bracelets, from left) Lino Hau bracelet made on gold-fill with mother-of-pearl shell and complementary gold and bronzed pyrite micro stones $72; bracelet made on gold-fill with dove shells, pearls, and gold and bronzed pyrite micro stones $98; 'Oh Tahiti' bracelet made on gold-fill with Tahitian pearl, and gold and bronzed pyrite micro stones $148 (necklaces, from top) 'Oh Tahiti' long necklace made on gold-fill with five Tahitian pearls and bronzed pyrite micro stones $595; 'Druzy Hau' necklace made with a sliced Druzy individually hand-wrapped with babbles and pearls on gold-fill, prices start at $148

“Also, the Sand Collection is a costume line designed especially for the purpose of omiyage, the Japanese custom of gift giving. And my next collection will have some pieces influenced by my travels, and some limited-edition pieces. Six countries later, I found inspirations in Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy and Greece.”

Lino Hau is available in art galleries and boutiques throughout the Islands. For more information or a list of retailers and events, visit LinoHau.com.

For models Alaine Akau and Sharnay Cablayan, hairstyling by Shinell Rios at Vivi Salon and makeup by Judy Wright of l.u.x.x.e. Artistry Hawaii