Limo Campany With A Big Heart

The Platinum Limousine fleet. Photo from Kurt Tsuneyoshi

Kurt Tsuneyoshi, president of Platinum Limousine Hawaii, has built his company from the ground up, and today Platinum Limousine Hawaii has the largest inventory of luxury vehicles ranging from sedans, Mercedes S-550s, SUVs, party buses and large SUV limousines of almost every type. Tsuneyoshi and his dedicated team of 20 employees are committed to meeting your transportation needs for any occasion.

“We are honored and blessed to have been voted best transportation company for the Best of Honolulu and Best of Hawaii from 2008 to 2011,” Tsuneyoshi says. “I started this company in 1994, and am happy to say that locals give us 70 percent of business, and the other 30 percent comes from all over the world. People are very generous, and if we provide great service they will truly recognize it and show a great deal of gratitude.

“I also take extreme pride that we are a locally run operation, and that I am blessed to provide local people and friends with a job.”

In addition to running a thriving business, Tsuneyoshi also takes the opportunity to help those in need and started a nonprofit program called Rides for Angels, where he devotes an entire day to providing free limousine rides to disadvantaged children.

“This program has been going on for the past six years,” Tsuneyoshi says. “I first conceived this idea during the Christmas season years ago, seeing that there were so many children who were being forgotten and realizing how difficult it must be for them to watch everyone else receive presents. It’s times like these that can often break a young person’s spirit, and I thought how awesome it would be to make them feel like a star for a day and to give them a sense of hope, give them a chance to ride in a limo, have a gift and make them feel special.

“As a kid, I personally knew what it was like to live in public housing. If I had a chance to ride in a limo at that time, I probably would have thought I was a ‘real big time’ kid myself,” he recalls.

Tsuneyoshi shared the Rides for Angels concept with his brother Chad and his sister-in-law Heidi, who also believed in the philosophy of helping those less fortunate, and together they’ve been able to positively touch the lives of more than 2,000 keiki.

“It’s been a truly memorable event,” Tsuneyoshi says with a smile. “When we first started Rides for Angels, we had some of our drivers go out to ask for small donations, and the company basically saved money throughout the year to fund this program. What’s rewarding about being an entrepreneur is that you have opportunities to help others and to do programs such as Rides for Angels.”

It’s evident that Tsuneyoshi is genuinely passionate about every aspect of his career. Platinum Limousine Hawaii is dedicated to providing the best in customer service and is the only transportation company that runs operations 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Tsuneyoshi recommends inquiring about price points, and says prices are based on availability, time of season and special events, much like a rental car business.

“I realized early on that no one was going to pay my bills. I always tell my employees that customers make pay days happen, therefore, do things better than others and do them differently,” Tsuneyoshi explains. “I’m glad I chose a job that I love to do!”

For more information on Platinum Limousine Hawaii, visit, call 739-0007 or email