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The Lifesaving Pigs At Shinsato Farms

Aloha Pamela,

I am an anesthesiologist at The Queen’s Medical Center. After the recent tragedy involving Joan Rivers, we decided to put on a workshop for our anesthesiologists to rehearse the lifesaving procedure (a cricothyrotomy) that might have saved her. Because the situation in which we are unable to exchange any oxygen at all by our conventional methods is extremely rare, this procedure is one that we do not get much (if any) practice at.

We reached out to Amy Shinsato at Shinsato Farms, who was very receptive to us, and was extremely generous in donating a number of pig windpipes for us to rehearse the procedure on. Doing so very closely simulated what the procedure would be like when done on a human.

Our workshop went very well, and we want to give APPLAUSE to Amy for helping us prepare for this very rare but life-threatening scenario, and for improving the safety of our patients. We also applaud Shinsato Farms for its sustainable, humane hog farming operation. Mahalo, Amy!

Oren Bernstein, MD
The Queen’s Medical Center

Dear Dr. Bernstein,

Amy Shinsato gives her APPLAUSE to Dr. Jane Girod of the USDA office. “She’s a veterinarian who gave us a lot of technical advice on how we could help. Once Dr. Bernstein explained the importance of what they were doing, it was no trouble for us. We provided about 10 specimens to them at no cost. It’s all a part of being in the community.”

Dear Pamela,

While working in my yard, my legs got weak and I collapsed. I couldn’t get up no matter how hard I tried. I sat on the lawn for more than 30 minutes. Finally I saw Paul, who lives up the street, riding his bicycle. I hailed him to help me. Then Conrad, who lives across from me, saw what was going on and ran over. They both lifted me up and took me to the my patio. They stayed with me until Paul had to go to work. Conrad stayed with me and brought me water. After resting, I felt better and went in my house.

The next day, the same thing happened! This time I remembered my “life line” and called for help. Ivan, who lives next door, came and helped me up. I am very grateful to the wonderful caring neighbors who came to assist this 87-year-old lady.

Janet Tamura

Dear Janet,

Retired Pearl Harbor Public Works employee Ivan Asano says the whole neighborhood watches out for each other. “I’ve known Janet for nearly 50 years. She’s a widow now, but I knew her husband Isao, too. I think she was watering the plants. I saw her lying on the grass so I jumped over the wall and lifted her up. We got her to the house and she was OK. This is not the first time. We keep an eye on Janet.”

Neighbor Conrad Ishii says Paul Dunn is the hero of the day. “I was checking my mail when Paul, who was on his bicycle, called out for me to help. We helped Janet to her patio. When he had to leave for work, I stayed with her in case she had hit her head and had a concussion. She did not remember. Her next-door neighbors David and Clara Yokotake then came over to take care of her.”

Paul Dunn gives credit to a higher source. “The Lord was there for her,” he says. “I was, by chance, passing by when I heard her cry for help. She was lying on the grass, very pale. I wanted her to go to the hospital, but she said she was all right. Later, I checked in with her. She said she took a nap and was feeling much better. We have an awesome neighborhood! We have a lot of retired and elderly people here and everyone takes care of each other.”

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