The Life Of A Battery … Bill

By “Battery Bill” Ogawa
Owner of Battery Bill’s LLC

When a customer visits us, we expect they are having a bad day. Their cell phone does-n’t work or their laptop is down — or worse yet, they cannot start their car. They are stressed! Our goal is to relieve their stress by answering their questions to help them understand their problems. We do not “sell” batteries, we fulfill needs. It just so happens that at the end of the conversation, they buy a battery.


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"Battery Bill" Ogawa

As I turn 61 next month, I look back and realize I’ve dedicated more than half my life to batteries. Starting back in 1982 at Servco representing ACDelco as a distributor, I knew my life would never be the same. Something about fulfilling a need, providing a service and product that everyone uses, and breathing life into the community got me up and energized every morning.

Since then, I’ve grown to be the proud owner of Battery Bill’s, Hawaii’s premier battery specialist. We’ve grown from automotive batteries, which always have been our core business, to now offering a full line of assorted batteries: boat, cell, alkaline AA’s, cordless phone, camera, alarm and even key fobs, to most recently innovative mobility products: Eco Reco and IO Hawk, Drone Quad Copters for aerial photography and videography. Solar battery backups for home and business, and propane generators and mini JumpIt packs also fill our store.

It’s interesting to see how my life aligns with the life of a battery. Though I don’t think I am replaceable, I hope that while I am here, I too can be multi-functional. Just as a battery energizes and makes a product function, I too empower all to be most efficient by breathing life into as many outlets as possible. I’d like to leave this world knowing that my contribution has made a difference in peoples lives by helping those in need, delivering what is promised and always being a “forward thinker.”

Hopefully you have seen or heard our recent commercial. When you need a battery, you hear our “Battery Bill Rap” and sing along with the ending … “Battery Bill … Battery Bill.”

Keeping it fun, we created the word BAUTO, which is simply a word that rhymes with Robato and stands for Battery

Bill’s Auto Battery. Better battery brands at Battery Bill’s BAUTO include ACDelco, Motorcraft, Odyssey, Optima and Interstate. We’ve shared that BAUTO is an automotive battery, and coincidently Battery Bill has a heart that is a battery! Yes, it’s true!