LHS Student Cabias Takes First In Anti-meth Art Contest

John Cabias' 'Don't Let Meth Control You' won first place in the Take a Stand Against Meth art contest. Image courtesy Hawaii Meth Project.

The Hawaii Meth Project recently announced the winners of its “Take A Stand Against Meth” art contest, and Leilehua High School sophomore John Cabias took first place with his piece, “Don’t Let Meth Control You.”

The contest was a statewide initiative that utilized art to communicate the risks associated with use of methamphetamine.

Sixty-one teens throughout the state submitted paintings, drawings and photographs.

The Hawaii Meth Project, which facilitated the contest, is a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness about the dangers of Meth and reducing use of the drug.

Cabias’ first-place entry was a drawing that depicts a human puppet – its strings being pulled by the hand of Meth. For his winning artwork, Cabias received an Apple iPad.

“Once I understood how serious the Meth problem was in our state, I felt compelled to participate in this art contest and express my thoughts about Meth,” said Cabias. “My inspiration came from a friend’s story about a family member who was using Meth and how it fully took control of his life.

“After using Meth he no longer cared about the things that used to be important to him – all he cared about was his next Meth fix. Through my artwork, I really wanted to express how addictive Meth is and how it will take control of your life, even if you try it just once.”

Cabias’ artwork, along with the other winning entries and additional selected pieces, is on display at the Hawaii State Capitol now through March 22. After that, the exhibit will move across the street to Honolulu Hale from March 25 to April 12.

The artwork also is available for viewing online at MethProject.org/action/hawaii/takeastand.html.

For more about the Hawaii Meth Project, visit MethProject.org.