Letting The Collar Do The Talking

Speak Pet Collars express your pet’s personality. Photo courtesy Colleen Shishido

Ever wondered what man’s best friend is saying? Well, now you can let the collar do the talking with “Speak” Pet Collars founded by husband-and-wife team Kelly and Colleen Shishido of God’s Promises. Express your pet’s personality with fun sayings inscribed onto a one-of-a-kind pet collar made especially for your four-legged loved one.

“We came up with the idea from the inspiration that we draw from our dogs,” Colleen says. “We handle all aspects of the designing and production, from cutting the neoprene fabric to printing the designs and sewing each collar. Each collar comes with sayings that show off your pet’s uniqueness.”

According to Colleen, “Speak” Pet Collars come in various sizes and are not intended to be used as a functional collar. Instead your pet can wear it in addition to a regular collar. These personalized collars are made to be soft, comfortable, stretchable, and the design will not fade, crack or peel off. Currently, the Shishidos also are in the process of promoting these specialized collars as an advertising tool for companies.

“Our pets can now advertise groups or businesses,” Colleen says. “We want to offer our customers something they can’t get anywhere else at a reasonable price,” she adds, noting that the personalized collars cost about $10 each. “Speak” Pet Collars are produced in-house and are available for purchase at Godspromiseshawaii.com.

Although the collars were just introduced earlier this month, the Shishidos have great hope for their product’s success, as they’ve already shown much promise with the sales of their other merchandise, including ceramic tiles and coasters, award plaques, pet urns and coffee cup sleeves, to name a few.

“I enjoy the continuous learning involved in running a business, whether it’s bookkeeping, marketing or just keeping up with the industry,” says Colleen, who graduated from the University of Hawaii with a degree in fashion design. “I’ve always enjoyed the personalization business, but up until now, one of the best rewards is coming up with ideas and phrases for the pet collars, such as ‘It’s the hunter in me’ and ‘Top Dawg.’ The pet collars seem to have now involved our dogs, making it feel like it’s now a real family-run business.”

Looking toward future business goals, the Shishidos hope to market their pet urns and pet collars to their fullest potential. Colleen says marketing can be a challenge, but it’s the passion and the fun associated with running a business that drives them.

“I don’t think of myself as an entrepreneur, but rather someone who is trying to do something fulfilling and meaningful,” she explains. “Every day I tell myself to never give up. You have to surround yourself with people who are there to support you and people who can be honest with you.”

For more information on “Speak” Pet Collars, visit Godspromiseshawaii.com.