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Letters To The Editor

State must act

In response to Bob Jones’ column “DLNR Lets Peddlers Break The Law,” I have to ask why our lawmakers haven’t done anything about these issues. If you are able to cite case law in support of what you are trying to accomplish in these situations, it seems like a nobrainer for our legislators and DLNR to eradicate these problems.

If the Outdoor Circle isn’t already backing up Mr. Jones on this, doesn’t this fall within their mission of preserving Hawaii’s scenic beauty? They can’t be limited just to saving trees and monitoring signs, can they?

If Smart Business Hawaii isn’t already involved, aren’t they concerned about having a level playing field for all entrepreneurs? Doesn’t it seem unfair that some businesses have to jump through hoops to get started and stay in business, while others just set up a folding table and a canopy and walk away with all the proceeds unhindered?

I have observed that law enforcers in Hawaii are adverse to paperwork, but someone should cue them in on the fact that enforcement is what they are paid for.

Louise Storm

Peddler problem

Kudos to Bob Jones for staying on the stories about peddlers inside Diamand Head and on Kalakaua Avenue. This is, as Mr. Jones writes, a clear violation of law. If government can remove homeless from public sidewalks, surely government can prevent peddlers from harassing people (for profit) on public streets and trails.

Ellen Klein

Rah-rah for Rasa!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Rasa Fournier’s new “Art & Stage” column is a wonderful addition to MidWeek.

Janice Lee

Editor’s note: We think so too. It rotates every other week with Bill Mossman’s “Musical Notes.”

Cheers for Chow

I must take exception to UH professor David Johnson’s letter “Not so fast” regarding Norm Chow.

He claims MidWeek columnists Steve Murray, Bobby Curran and Bob Hogue were engaged in “mindless cheerleading” because of their enthusiasm about Chow’s hiring. In fact, they were echoing exactly what most fans were feeling.

Prof. Johnson also largely misrepresents Coach Chow’s days at USC, where he was never associated in any way with the Reggie Bush situation. As for his days at UCLA and at Tennessee of the NFL, in fact, after Coach Chow left, head coaches at both places were fired.

Coach Chow has brought hope, optimism and excitement back to Hawaii football. Admiring such a great coach is far from mindless cheerleading.

Frank Terrazas Jr.
Salt Lake