Letters to the Editor

Label GMOs

A poll was taken regarding GMO labeling when a bill was being heard in the Legislature, and it corresponded with the national sentiment that 90 percent support labeling GMO foods. But it seems the media – and especially Bob Jones – is biased in favor of the GMO companies without looking objectively at the issues raised by non-GMO enthusiasts.

I have been actively engaged for the last four years in organizing panels and community events to inform folks about the environmental and health risks of this insufficiently tested technology when released into nature. I would not jeopardize my professional reputation if I were not convinced that pesticide-heavy GMO is as potentially risky long term as are fluo-ride, mercury and heavy metals.

I have seen too many patients who are dealing with the consequences of early fluoride consumption and mercury exposure, and now see the same pattern unfolding with those who have unknowingly consumed GMO for the last 20 years.

Dr. Melissa L. Yee
Seeds of Truth

Appalling news

Thank you very much to Susan Page for her column on the murdering physician Gosnell.

I, too, am appalled at the lack of coverage of this case. It is extremely disturbing that animal cruelty cases get more play than live baby murder. I hope everyone who reads MidWeek will take the time to read this important article and search their souls to answer the question Page posed at the end of her piece.

Carol Sears

A big hire for UH

I loved the headline on Dan Boylan’s column: “Who’d Want To Be UH President?” Not me – too many constituencies to placate. But if it’s that true greatness starts at the top, this is a huge hire for the university. Just wish I could be more optimistic about the outcome.

John Yee

Let Dee Jay do it

M.R.C. Greenwood’s departure from the University of Hawaii is a true blessing for the people of Hawaii.

To make everything pono, let us hire local girl Dee Jay Mailer as her replacement. Dee Jay knows the Hawaiian culture coupled with her excellent administrative skills. I’m certain the powers at Bishop Estate would kokua by giving her an out earlier than 2014 in order for her to take the helm of the rudderless UH sinking ship.

Robert Martin

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