Letters to the Editor

Got it wrong

I wish Bob Jones had contacted me first before writing his column “UH Needs Audit, Not PR Campaign.” It contained some inaccurate information regarding my office.

UH did not create a seven-person department to create video news releases and web videos. The office already existed and was called Creative Services. Two staff members were in charge of the system website and the rest were graphic artists for the UH system and UH-Manoa, producing a number of publications including Malamalama. It was determined before I got here that Malamalama would be discontinued and that UH System should not do graphic artwork for just UH-Manoa.

I was hired a year ago this month, and this is how the staff breaks down now: one graphic artist for the UH system, two full-time employees for the UH system website, one employee who assists with the system website and also is responsible for social media for the UH system, two videographers, an office executive assistant and myself – I write and produce all of the video news releasess and web videos. There are actually only three of us working on the VNRs and videos.

It is just a shame, since I truly believe we have done an impressive amount of quality work in a short time and yet we are being unfairly targeted.

Daniel Meisenzahl,
Director of
Media Production, External Affairs and University Relations, University of Hawaii System

Fair is fair

During the teachers’ union talks with the state, the subject of teachers buying classroom supplies out of their own pockets came up. It’s true, and happens in every classroom.

I wonder how the governor and other state leaders would feel if they were forced to buy things necessary to do their jobs? Imagine the wailing.

Alice Lee

Is that you, Dan?

What’s wrong with Dan Boylan? One week he’s writing about up-and-coming young Republcans in the Legislature, the next he’s writing about the good work of Catholic Charities. Huh?

Better be careful, he’ll lose his cred as a liberal.

Dan Neal

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