Letters to the Editor

No more U.S. wars

I don’t always agree with Patrick Buchanan, but his column “Goading Gullible America Into War” is right on the money. America (President Obama) needs to tell Mr. Netanyahu that if Israel wants to take on Iran over the nuclear issue, they will still be our friends, we will support them, but we are not sending our troops into another Middle East fray!

Nor will we jump into any Syrian occupation because the Israelis are attempting to tie it all into an Iranian issue.

Just hoping that President Obama is getting some sound foreign affairs advice on these issues from someone in that administration.

Ralph Broomhead


The cover story on the state’s new head of technology, Sonny Bhagowalia, was heartening.

It’s nice to know there are some in government who take seriously their jobs and their responsibility to citizens.

Lois Lee

Going for rice

As a rice lover – and who isn’t in Hawaii? – I was fascinated to read Jo McGarry’s story on chef Russell Siu’s trip to California, where thousands of acres are devoted to growing rice.

I’m definitely putting Sacramento’s Hinode Rice Festival in my travel plans.

Ray Yamaguchi

Changing cars

The outstanding MidWeek cover story featuring the First Hawaiian International Auto Show and Mike Niethammer, the “NextGen” president of the Hawaii Automobile Dealers Association, Hawaii’s franchised new-car dealers, well-illustrated the transition taking place in the retail auto industry.

Younger people are showing a renewed interest in new cars and trucks largely because of the connectivity new cars and trucks offer. With all the apps in new vehicles, these vehicles are becoming the ultimate mobile devices.

The auto show attendance numbers were up 7.3 percent, thanks, in large measure, to renewed interest in new vehicles by younger buyers and this excellent advance story in MidWeek.

Dave Rolf
Executive Director
Hawaii Automobile Dealers Association

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