Letters To The Editor

Rail won’t help

Bob Jones believes if the rail is killed, “Ewa people, with jobs at Pearl Harbor, the airport and downtown will sit in traffic longer than today.”

Let’s look at Pearl Harbor, and three reasons why rail would not help. First, there are express buses running from Ewa Beach, Makakilo/Kapolei and the Waianae area, not to mention Wahiawa, Mililani, Kailua, Kaneohe and the East side that go into Pearl Harbor. Express buses make a number of stops within Pearl Harbor so most workers can walk a reasonable distance to their place of employment. Rail would not go into Pearl Harbor.

Second, buses have many more seats on them than rail cars. Believe me, this is a big issue for express riders early in the morning or going home from work.

Third, express buses travel throughout the Ewa Beach (or Mililani, etc.) area to pick up and drop off passengers usually two blocks or so from most homes. Passengers do not have to drive to a rail station and park their car to catch a train. Express buses also go to downtown. Not sure if express buses go to the airport, but regular buses do, and drop you off a lot closer than the proposed rail station.

Peter Chisteckoff
Mililani Mauka

Liberty’s losses

So Jerry Coffee is at it again, trying to get us to drink the dregs of his bitter brew. Uber nationalist, uber colonialist that he is, he’d do better as a decent Navy man, spending every waking moment demanding justice and recognition for the 208 murdered and wounded sailors of the USS Liberty.

On June 8, 1967, the Liberty was attacked in Mediterranean international waters with intent to slaughter all aboard and sink the ship. The perpetrator? Our “ally,” Zionist Israel, to which Coffee and his neocon ilk genuflect in treasonous union. Those 208 patriot heroes suffered and sacrificed unbearably, and the Navy command structure, SECDEF and POTUS all conspired to cover up the heinous crime. Congress, DoD and the State Department have never stood tall on behalf of the victims to demand an investigation and proper resolution of Israel’s perfidy. It’s an ongoing, 45-year national shame!

C’mon, Mr. Coffee, live up to Navy traditions of honor, service and respect for the fallen. Remember the Liberty!

Robert H. Stiver,
Army veteran, Pearl City

Too hard on Paula

I am 15, and take offense at Jade Moon’s column “Queen Of Butter’s Big Fat Secret.” Being a frequent reader of MidWeek, I was disappointed at how Ms. Moon responded to Paula Deen’s life, personal choices and diabetes. She does not know anything about living life in Paula’s shoes.

Zoë Wilks