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Letters to the Editor

War criminals

Thank you for publishing Arianna Huffington’s column “The Legacy Of Iraq War Instigators.” Considering the thousands of lives lost, the increase in terrorism, the empowerment of Iran, the trillions of dollars borrowed and spent on ill-thought-out wars, and the effect on the American economy, I wonder how Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, etc., can live with themselves. They are America’s war criminals and should be prosecuted.

Jane Lee

His marbles OK

MidWeek again chose to print a personal attack that questioned Jerry Coffee’s sanity. I attended a meeting with Jerry last night. I greeted him and looked into his eyes. Sensing lucidity, I placed my hand on his shoulder and gently shook him, and he still has all of his marbles! I also felt his abiding love for his country and humanity.

It seems that Mr. Coffee is a convenient target, possibly because of his generally conservative viewpoints (non-protected species). While he surely does not need me to defend him, I again ask that you use editorial discretion and omit silly attacks. Differing viewpoints can be advanced more effectively without including superfluous remarks.

Scott Schultz

Lots to like

I’m a freelance writer who has lived in Hawaii for more than 40 years. One of the things that attracted me most to the Islands back in 1970 (apart from the waves, warm ocean waters, blue skies and clean air) was that, in political terms, Hawaii was a liberal Democratic state.

Over the years I have watched as Republicans have moved to the far right and Democrats to the center and even the Republican-abandoned middle right. (Mike Gabbard a Democrat? No way! He was the ring-leader in the fight against same-sex marriage!) But, apart from a few exceptions (most recently the art bigot state representative from the Big Island), I remain grateful and proud that the people of Hawaii continue to embrace with equanimity disparate cultures, religions and political perspectives.

That’s why I appreciate MidWeek. You give voices to practically everyone across the political spectrum. Bill O’Reilly, Jerry Coffee, Susan Page and especially Michelle Malkin make me sick, so I simply don’t read them. Fortunately, they are offset by Bob Jones, Dan Boylan, Arianna Huffington and sometimes even Pat Buchanan.

And Rasa Fournier is filling a big gap with her coverage of the arts, especially local theater.

Finally, I hear that you pay your writers a decent wage for their efforts. For all of these things, I commend you.

John Wythe White