Letters to the Editor

Endless war?

As is his usual wont in foreign-affairs analyses, Pat Buchanan’s column “Is America Snared In Endless War? … Obama Looking Nixonian Imperial”) poses needed questions while skewering Democrats and Republicans alike.

Sadly, Congress and several successive administrations (and a complicit mainstream media) have proved themselves incapable of asking, much less answering, e.g., “Why have we been unable to bring this war on terror to (an end)?”

Buchanan makes the case, properly, that neocon-driven Islamophobia only exacerbates the problem. That leaves Buchanan’s “the American people” – you and me! – to force the posturing and preening governing (sic) class to recognize that endless war is a dead end and to stop digging the hole deeper. Let’s get to it.

Kudos to MidWeek for featuring Mr. Buchanan, whose probing, patriotic views have resulted in his being shunned by most media outlets.

Robert H. Stiver
Pearl City

Rescue costs

My thanks to Bob Jones for his column “Who Pays When Rescue’s Required?”

Those of us living near the entrance to Maunawili Trail live this rescue problem from start to finish.

Advertising in national media brings a host of hikers to our streets as there is no parking offered as in other recreational venues on the island. The trail hours are sunrise to sundown but ignored by hikers – in particular on weekends. And as Mr. Jones points out, rescue sirens wail through the night as fire department, EMT and helicopter rescue teams respond to those who can’t follow simple rules and logic for safety. (Thankfully the police patrol the area daily, citing cars that ignore “no parking” signs and towing those that block driveways and the back gate entrance to the Royal Hawaiian golf course.) Additionally, hikers recovering from the trail feel it is their right to picnic in our yards, clean there shoes against our walls and mailboxes, as well as help themselves to our water taps to bathe prior to departing in their cars.

I have wondered along with Mr. Jones just what the taxpayer bill is for the irresponsible hikers and the inaction of DLNR and our local politicians to this problem. We have had neighborhood meetings with Sen. Tokuda, Rep. Chong and Councilman Anderson with no change. No sidewalks, narrow streets and unsupervised parking will eventually result in one of the many speeders ignoring the street congestion and hitting a child. Then maybe the bureaucracy will be shamed into action.

Bill Baker

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