Letters To The Editor

Ditch Malkin

Michelle Malkin was on Fox doing her usual kvetching about the Obamas’ annual trip to Hawaii and ended her diatribe with a snarky “aloha and mahalo!”

Since she obviously has such low regard for the Aloha State, I would urge MidWeek to drop her hate-filled column. Why should we fatten her wallet any further? She is the kind of immigrant who, once in the boat, wants to pull up the ladder.

Philip Gottling


Michael Boutte’s letter calling editor Don Chapman a “fascist” – for writing a reasoned column on smarter gun laws in the wake the Connecticut school massacre – is downright spooky. Mr. Chapman didn’t say anything about taking away anyone’s guns. In Mr. Boutte’s letter I detect a brain poisoned by NRA propaganda and misinformation about the Second Amendment. It’s sad for him, and for America.

John Ryan

Never disarm

The death of even one innocent person is sad and painful. I believe the Sandy Hook victims are in Amida Buddha’s Pure Land where there is no pain or suffering. Funerals help the living to accept the loss of their dear ones.

Terrorists and madmen who kill innocent people are despicable, and so are judges and politicians who deliberately leave innocent people in danger. By law, murderers must go free when the jails are full, and the violent-insane cannot be confined. Bad guys come like flies because our schools are defenseless, “gun-free” by law, and safe to attack. The bad guys are not stupid. Our schools need armed security and/or staff.

If liberals truly wanted safe schools, then criminals and the violent-insane would be confined already. Don’t liberals really want another internment? Liberal President Franklin Roosevelt first disarmed all Japanese in America for national security. Then he interned 120,000 now-defenseless West Coast Japanese. Are we Japanese dumb enough to disarm for the liberals again?

I like the Marine slogan, “Your best friend; your worst enemy.” Maybe our schools can learn like the Karate Kid, “Learn to fight so that you don’t have to fight.”

Gordon Kitsuwa

A bell for Dan

One thing still puzzles me about the memorial for Sen. Dan Inouye at the state Capitol – the total absence of his Buddhist heritage being represented. With our record turnout for Lantern Floating each year, why can’t the nation see this touch of richness here, where it was so appropriate? At the very least, a bell in reverence would have been appropriate.

Ruth Freedman

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