Letters To The Editor

Man in white?

John Berger in white? What?!

As a night owl, I’ve seen John around town for years, always in black. But the white tux and tails for the Dec. 19 cover was brilliant. And that was a terrific story on a man who is about more than entertainment.

Mike Davis

Christmas beer

I just finished Ron Nagasawa’s column on Christmas Cheer (aka beer). It was light and delightful, and I’m tired of Christmas reading about health, housing, financial, state catastrophes, national disasters and world calamities. Ron’s column is the first thing I read upon delivery of the MidWeek. Thank you for brightening the day with little stories filled with fun.

Merry Christmas to Ron and his family … especially his wife, who has to put up with his humor! May the new year bring the wisdom of even happier life events to share with his loyal readers!

Lauri Santos
Hawaii Kai

Still here

I wasn’t buying the “end of the world” stories associated with the Mayan calendar and prediction for Dec. 21. But it was interesting to read Don Chapman’s insightful column on the Hopi medicine man and the Hopi’s relationship with Mayans. If you’re reading this, then I guess I – and Grandfather Martin – was right.

Jack Chang

This is the time

Thank you to Jade Moon for her great column on the Newtown murders. Yes, the National Rifle Association always says it is not the time to talk policy at such times. No, we need to talk, now. And we need to act to stop the killing of innocents.

Jan Lee

Fedora fashion

As a huge fan of Michelle Borth of Hawaii Five-0, it was great to read the Style write-up on her favorite things.

I’m going to buy a fedora now.

Lisa Morita

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