Letters To The Editor

Union not for kids

John Mussack’s assertion that the teachers union is not responsible for student achievement and school improvement is absolutely correct. I am a longtime public school teacher and agree with his general premise.

But he is absolutely wrong in his belief that HSTA’s job is student improvement. Is it the job of SHOPO to ensure greater public safety? Is it the job of the ILWU to ensure food security? Is it the job of the AUW to make cars safer? Is it the job of Local 5 to ensure guests have clean sheets?

The unequivocal answer is no.

In my view, the purpose of the union is to protect the rights of members. As a teacher, it is my job to help students succeed.

Scott Gruzinsky

Bad math

Bob Jones needs to check his math skills if he’s going to “talk” budget issues.

Taking 39 percent taxes from someone who makes $1,000,000 does not leave them with $961,000 – try $610,000. Forget percentages for a moment and just talk dollars – this guy/gal will have paid $390,000 in taxes!

A scaled tax system is bunk – go to a flat tax for all – no write offs, no complex calculation work-sheets, easier audits (how much you made X flat tax rate = how much you paid – you either paid the right amount or you didn’t, audit done … next). People, rich or poor, will all pay their fair share. And, from my experience, people are more willing to part with their money for causes they believe in (whether it be a charity or gambling) when they have more of it. Money they part with stimulates the economy. BTW, the rich will still pay the lion’s share of taxes.

M. Tramuto

Editor’s note: Says Bob Jones: “I must be dyslexic – saw 610,000 as 961,000! My apologies.”

Going too far

Bob Jones has crossed a line in his ongoing vendetta against Gov. Abercrombie. In a tirade about as “fair and balanced” as anything seen on Fox News, he has maligned the reputations of four hardworking women, trivializing their careers and accomplishments as collateral damage.

As far as I can see, the only “bottom feeder” here is Jones himself, who hasn’t been relevant to Hawaii news since the ’80s.

Barbara Sueyoshi
Hawaii Kai

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