Letters To The Editor

Why stay home?

I enjoyed MidWeek‘s coverage of the eight Hawaii boys playing football at Oregon this season, and wish them all the best.

And while I am a tried-and-true UH fan for many years, it bothers me when some fans insist that all Hawaii natives should stay home for athletics. Nobody complains when a local golfer or soccer player goes away. Likewise for dancers or medical students, or just students who want the experience of living in a different environment for a few years. So why insist football players stay home?

And what about the players we recruit from California and other states whom local fans welcome with open arms? Should they have stayed home too?

Eric Young

Doggone yappers

As a person who gets barked at by a dozen or more dogs as I jog through my normally quiet neighborhood on public streets and sidewalks, thank you for the great article on the man who can train dogs not to bark. I can only hope the owners of the yappers in my neighborhood also saw the story and take it to heart.

Laura Chan

Prayer, not politics

I seldom, if ever, agree with Jerry Coffee’s politics, and his stated opinions often make me want to scream. But reading his column about suffering a heart attack while in Texas reminded me that he is quite human and that we have far more in common than we have differences. Politics be damned, I’m praying for Mr. Coffee’s full recovery.

Grace Kaneshiro

Derailing rail

So, Kirk Caldwell won. But let me give the pro-railers a word of caution. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. The rail will never be finished. Maybe that doesn’t even matter to many of you. But if it does, and there must be quite a few to whom the long-term deal of a rail does matter, you can bet the ranch on it, it will not be finished.

First, we will run out of money. Second, the chosen main contractor, Ansaldo, an almost non-entity with a spotty performance record, will not last. Finally, more sensible souls will realize that that kind of rail was just not made for our Oahu, so those sensible souls will just stop it.

It may take a few years and quite a few million dollars, but it will happen. Bet the ranch on it.

Gerhard Hamm
Waialae Iki

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