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Letters to the Editor

Two quibbles

I know of no mainstream-media source other than MidWeek that would feature, in one issue, foreign-policy analyses of the excellence offered by local Bob Jones and national (largely blackballed) Pat Buchanan in the Sept. 19 edition.

A couple of quibbles: Mr. Jones should have addressed the invasion and endless occupation of Palestine based on the reality that our “entangling alliance” with Israel means that we are part and parcel of the festering morass roiling the “Holy” land and the region.

Mr. Buchanan, although he refers to Israel, should have made clear that a proper U.S.-vital-interest “coming home” from the Middle and Near East must include severance from Israel, forcing the extremist Zionists in charge to solve their own problems … or not, and surely not on my tax dime.

Robert H. Stiver,
Pearl City

Israel no ally

Why do some Americans, including many in Congress, consider Israel an “ally” of the U.S.? An ally is a friend with mutual interests. It is a known fact that Israel is actively spying on the U.S., and has for many years. Israeli spies could be in Hawaii, surveiling our military bases.

And it was Israeli air and naval forces that attacked and sank the USS Liberty in international waters, knowing it was an American ship and unarmed, killing 34 sailors.

And now the Israeli prime minister Bibi Netanyahu is involving himself in the presidential election and trying to force us into another Middle East war of choice.

These are hardly the actions of an honest ally.

James Ornellas,

Big improvement

Re: Bob Jones’ column “Waikiki Gem”:

For years it was a continuing tragedy that every evening walk along the beach has been an affront to my senses and also a huge abuse of our public land. How could the City and County be so lack adaisical about keeping the Queen’s Surf beach clean and hospitable for locals and tourists? The homeless enjoyed the best living arrangement of all time, i.e., beachside living, toilets, beautiful sunsets, Friday night regattas and Friday night fireworks. What a sad state of affairs to walk along there and not be able to enjoy what our taxes pay for.

The new (for me, newly found) Queen’s Surf Cafe is such a beautiful surprise that as I introduce it to each new local friend, I’m so afraid that it will disappear before our eyes. The food is wonderful, the ambience is superb and the weekend Hawaiian music fills the senses. Thank you to thenew owners for resurrecting the place, and I pray that you are successful in the December bidding process when the extended contract expires.

The city just should ensure that the new contract for this beach concession is more equitable to all concerned parties, including the current owners and the local taxpayer.

Lillian Lee,