Letters to the Editor

A super issue

Being a voracious reader of online news, the print version MidWeek is usually just fodder for my worm bin (once the shiny stuff is removed). But last week’s cover of the Food and Wine Festival and gestating Culinary Institute of the Pacific prompted a scan of the contents. Starting with the chuckle provided by Ron Nagasawa, I found myself enjoying all the articles and commentaries, with Ron Mizutani’s column about “lucky we live Hawaii” characterizing this issue of MidWeek. Of course, Don Chapman’s column about his daughter’s wedding started the tears welling, especially his acknowledgement of her step-dad and description of the dad-daughter dance. As his reception talk affirms, it does take a village to raise a child, and Hawaii is one of the best “villages” in the world to raise children. So lucky we live Hawaii! The absence of Jerry Coffee (except the welldeserved scolding in Letters) made it all the better. Even Patrick Buchanan was spot on about possible war with Iran (I hope that never happens). I admired Larry Price’s standing up for Judge Perkins. And although I usually skip articles about sports, I appreciated Bob Jones’ commentary on UH sports. I will look forward to MidWeek in the future to feed my soul as well as my worms!

Ruth Fujita

Dump UH football

Bob Jones’ column “We’re Wasting Money On UH Sports” is so right on, especially as regards football. UH will never be Texas or Notre Dame. Heck, we’ll never even be Washington State or Indiana. The embarrassing debacle of UH administrators’ bungling of the Jim Donovan suspension/transfer is another example of sports wasting resources. Let’s get real, folks.

Edward Lee

Forgetting victims

One thing was missing from Larry Price’s column “Can The Insane Ever Be Cured?” regarding a judge’s decision to allow Benjamin Davis to attend college courses. He is the man who stabbed two people on the Koko Head Stairs. What Mr. Price failed to mention was the victims, or how they might react to this news. It’s nice that the state wants to help rehabilitate Mr. Davis, but what about Nicholas Iwamoto, who nearly died from his stab wounds?

Terry Davis

Scam alert

Mahalo to Alison Stewart for her Click Chick column “The Latest Scam To Target Hawaii.” This is good advice for all of us, but especially our kupuna. We saw this in our own family, where one of our aunties was taken in by a glitzy website and smooth sales pitch. MidWeek really does a public service with stories such as this.

Frank Silva