Letters To The Editor

Pain in the rafters

Bob Jones hit a home run with his column on Ward’s Rafters, “Is It A House Party Or A Night Club?” In spite of a court order prohibiting public performances, or advertising as it is done on the internet, and no solicitations for donations allowed, which were witnessed by Bob, the City continues to turn their head the other way allowing this to continue. About a hundred people have been counted going into this upstairs attic during performances. Think, if there were an emergency and inebriated people are rushing to the door in panic, then rushing down from a third story room, of the number of injuries that are possible.. Somehow the City, for turning it’s head the other way, will be held responsible for injuries, because they allow this situation to continue.

Bobby Chang

Listen and learn

Fareed Zakaria’s column “The World Has Changed, Mr. Romney” shows great reporting and insight. Too many of our political leaders and wannabe leaders spend so much time talking, they don’t spend enough time listening, reading and learning.

Kudos for making Mr. Zakara part of the MidWeek mix.

Ted Suzuki

An opportunity

I had not previously heard of the project to make old Hawaiian newspapers available on-line. This is a fantastic development, and as a retired secretary I plan to get involved. Mahalo to MidWeek for bringing us this important news and providing me this opportunity to volunteer.

Pua Silva

Muslim truth

I am not a Republican, and as an independent have a hard time watching Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News show. But his commentary regarding media coverage of the “honor killings” by an Afghan family in Canada is spot on. This was coldblooded, premeditated murder by people who believe in “sharia,” Islamic law. Let’s at least be honest with ourselves here. As Mr. O’Reilly said, if a Jewish or Christian family did something like that, the media would be all over them, emphasizing the religion.

I know there are good Muslims in the world, but when Muslims do horrific things in the name of their religion, that should be duly reported.

John Lane

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